Guidelines for Scanning

The UTC Library will scan print and microform materials and deliver them as PDFs to your e-mail account. All UTC Faculty and Staff may use this service at no charge. Please see the scanning guidelines and policies pertaining to copyright below.

Thank you for your scanning request.

Request Scanning

Scanning Guidelines

  • Please allow sufficient time for processing scanning requests. The library processes materials as they come in. We strive for a 24-hour turnaround time; however, during peak times at the beginning of semesters it may take longer.

  • The Library will assess each request to determine if it is currently available online via the Internet or the library's electronic resources. If an item is found, the persistent URL will be e-mailed to the faculty member, in lieu of a scan, for publishing/posting in the UTC Learn.

  • All scanned items will have a copyright notification placed on the first page (cover page).

  • Items will be scanned to PDF format with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enabled for screen readers. The PDF will be e-mailed to the faculty e-mail address supplied in the form.

  • A single item may be broken up into parts if a single scan is too large to e-mail.

  • The library will not retain copies of the original scan files.

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Scanning

  • The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) Library adheres to U.S. copyright law [United States Copyright Act of 1976]. In particular, Section 107, the Fair Use Doctrine, and Section 108, Reproduction by Libraries and Archives, each serve as the guiding principles behind the UTC Library's reserves and faculty scanning service policies and procedures.

  • Faculty must certify via the Scanning Request Form, that each item complies with U.S. copyright law under a fair use exception; however, the Library will assess each request for fair use and copyright compliance and reserves the right to reject requests or seek clarification from faculty if any copyright concern arises.

  • Generally, the Library will only scan limited portions of a work. Typically one article from a journal, one chapter or 10% of a book, and short excerpts from anthologies or literary works.