Fines and Fees

Fines and Fees
Item Fine/Fee
Books None*
Media None*
Laptop $3 per hour
Study Room Key $3 per hour
Reserve-3 Hour $3 per hour
Calculator $5 per day
Chromebook $5 per day
Games $5 per day
Reserve- 1, 3, or 7 day $5 per day
Studio Technology $5 per day/component

*No daily fines are charged for books or media. If an item is long overdue, the patron will be charged a replacement fee based on the market value of the item along with a $5 processing fee. 

Replacement and processing fees are charged for books at 6 weeks past the due date. Replacement and processing fees for media are charged at one week past the due date. 

The processing fee is non-refundable. 

Fines may be paid with cash, check, or Scrappy Cash.