Alumni and Visitor Services

The UTC Library is open to the public and visitors are welcome to come in and use library materials on site. 

Computer Access

The library provides Quick Look Up workstations on the Ground Floor, First Floor and Second Floor of the library. These workstations do not require a UTC ID and password to use. From a Quick Look Up workstation you may access the library's catalog and the full collection of our online resources including databases, online journals and eBooks. Quick Look Up workstations do not include access to the general internet so you cannot surf the web from these machines.

Alumni of UTC can check out a courtesy laptop to use while in the building. Establishment of an Alumni Borrowing Card is required.

All other computers in the library require a UTC ID and password for login. The library does not have guest usernames and passwords for visitors.

Printing and Copying

If you would like to use our printers or copiers during your visit, you will need to purchase a Guest Card from the MocsCard Value Port vending machine on the Second Floor of the library in the Information Commons. Cards cost $1 and come with $1 worth of printing money loaded on them. You can add additional money to the Guest Card if you need to print or copy more than $1 worth during your visit.

Printing is handled through the campus MocsPrint system with printers and card swipe release stations located throughout the building. Black and white printing costs .07 per page and color printing costs .35 per page.

Photocopiers are also located throughout the building near the main elevators and stairwell on each floor. Black and white photocopies cost .07 per page. There are no color photocopiers in the library.

There is also a Copy Services center on the First Floor of the library near the Chamberlain Field entrance. They will take cash for copying or printing services.

Borrowing Privileges

Alumni of UTC are eligible for certain library borrowing privileges. Please visit the Alumni Privileges for more information on how to register.

Unaffiliated patrons who wish to borrow materials from the UTC Library will need to purchase a Courtesy Card.