Online Consultations

(please read before booking a consultation)

We offer online consultations as an option for those who are unable to come to the WCC, particularly online students. Please book your appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time. Keep in mind that an online appointment takes longer to prepare for and requires some extra effort both from you and from your consultant. It also tends to take more time to discuss an issue online than it would face to face, which is the reason why we strongly recommend that you book two 30-minute online appointments back to back.

Make an Appointment

To book your appointment, click the “Make an Appointment” button, and follow the instructions. If it’s your first appointment with us, you will need to create an account before you can log in. Once you see the schedule, you can look for a suitable time slot with a consultant of your choice. Click on the first white rectangle of a 30-minute interval to bring up the appointment window, and make sure that you answer the question “Meet Online?” by choosing “Yes - Schedule Online Appointment” from the drop-down menu. After you save your appointment, the next window lets you attach your current draft (if you have one). Please make sure to take time to do this so your consultant can prepare for the session. (For the consultation itself, you will be able to upload the draft into the consultation window, work on it along the way, and save it at the end.)

Please allow yourself time before your appointment to familiarize yourself with the interface. Log in and open up your appointment window. Click on “Start or Join Online Consultation” to open a new window, which contains the tools you will need during the session. The middle of the screen is the text area, with instructions on how to upload your draft, use chat and/or video conferencing to talk to your consultant, as well as highlight and format your text. You can copy and paste these instructions into a word processing program if you want to be able to look at them during the session. Once you upload your draft, it will replace the instructions, but clicking the question mark in the upper right corner will open up the online help page.

Keep in mind that we’re currently testing this out, so please be patient with us (and yourself). That said, we do have pretty sophisticated tools at our disposal that will help us figure this out together. Talk to you soon!