UTC Library Software Requests


UTC departments may submit requests for new software for installation on library computers.

In order to ensure all software is fully tested on our machines, software must be requested by the deadlines stated below:

Fall Semester 2017: June 15th

No new software or software upgrades will be performed during the academic term. Commercial software beyond end-of-life and/or any software without active support or appropriate licensing will not be considered. We will not install trial, demo, or similar limited-use software.

All software is assumed to be installed for a period of one year, unless otherwise indicated. All previously requested software will need to be reviewed annually to determine continued support. If you wish to retain currently installed software, you must submit a new form at least once a year. Any software upgrades require a new form to be submitted.

Library staff will verify that a software installation starts properly and performs basic file, edit and print operations properly. Library staff does not have the expertise to verify the proper functionality of other software features.

By requesting installation of this software, you agree to test the software within our time frame prior to deployment to library computers, in order to insure proper installation, functionality and customization of the software. 


Download the UTC Library Software Request Form.

Please read the following information before completing the form:

  • A copy of this form must be submitted for each software package.
  • Initial follow-up will be made within one business week of the request.
  • You will be notified when the software is ready for testing.

After submitting this form, please deliver the following items to the Library IT Suite in Library 320:

  • A copy of the media needed to install the software (flash drive, DVDs, CDs, etc.).
  • A copy of the license (a legal document describing the usage and limitations of the software).
  • All installation materials, including serial numbers, license codes and hardcopy installation guides.

Reasonable effort will be made to accommodate software requests. UTC Library does not guarantee installation on library computers. Along with this request, please email software license information to libtech@utc.edu.