Overnight Library Access

What overnight study options are available in the library?

  • Overnight study is available on the 1st floor of the UTC Library, excluding study rooms, from midnight – 7:45 am on Sunday – Thursday nights.
  • Must be current UTC student to access.
  • The library is not open overnight during the summer or any scheduled breaks. Check our Library Hours for current open times.
outside card swipe access to 24/5 study area

1. Swipe Mocs Card to enter building

inner swipe card access to 24/5

2. Swipe Mocs Card to enter the first floor.

How to access

  • Enter at the Chamberlain Field entrance. The Douglas St. doors are not open overnight.  
  • Swipe your Mocs card on the reader stationed near the exterior entrance of the library. There is also an accessible swipe (Step 1 pictured above).
  • Enter the library and swipe at the 2nd reader located in the library vestibule. There is also an accessible swipe (Step 2 pictured above).
  • Enter through the doors to the left of the reader.
  • Those students in the library at midnight will be asked to show their Mocs Card to verify their status as current UTC students.


  • A security officer staffs the space to ensure students’ safety.
  • Library services such as check out are not offered overnight.


  • Wi-fi
  • 3 black & white printers
  • 6 quick look-up desktop computers with limited Internet access (UTC websites, .gov, .edu sites only)
  • Food and drink vending machines