Groups provide a private area within a UTC Learn course where assigned students and the instructor can collaborate.  Students can use the discussion board, blogs, wikis, journals, chat/virtual classroom, share files, and/or email.  (Tools available for groups are determined by course instructor).

Simple Steps:  The My Groups menu is available below the Course Menu within a course where Groups are being utilized.


Available Tutorials:

  • Personalize Your Group Page (PDF)
  • Access and Set Up the Group Collaboration Feature (PDF)
  • Use the Group Discussion Board (PDF)
  • Use the Group File Exchange (PDF)
  • Send Email to Group Members (PDF)
  • Create, Track, and Organize Group Tasks (PDF)

Group Tools Explanation:

Below are the tools that may be available within your group space along with a brief explanation of the tool function and use:

  • Personalize Your Group Page:  Group members have the ability to personalize their group's page to their liking and style.  Members can change the color scheme of a group page and add a banner to the course home page (Customize Group Banner).

  • Collaboration:  Collaboration is a useful tool for groups that have conflicting schedules or are separated geographically.  This feature allows groups to hold group meetings and communicate using virtual tools, such as chat sessions and virtual classrooms.  The collaboration feature also has the ability to end sessions for review by group members and the instructor.

  • File Exchange:  File Exchange is a very useful feature for groups because it provides a central file storage location for files relevant to group work that all group members can access.  Rather than sending files via email or holding copies of them for the group, members can go to the File Exchange page to submit and access all the files group members need.

  • Group Blog:  Blogs are another type of communication tool provided through UTC Learn that serve a variety of functions.  A blog can be used as a user's public diary, collaborative tool, a place to share an interesting link, or as a memo to outside world.  Entries are organized in reverse-chronological order from the most recent to least recent.

  • Group Discussion Board:  The Group Discussion Board allows group members to create new group threads for discussing group-related topics with each other and the instructor.  Group members can attach files to their posts to help aid  int their discussions.  Group discussion board differs from the Course discussion board in that only your group's members (and instructor) have the ability to view and post to it.

  • Group Journal:  This tool provides students with basic journaling functionality within UTC Learn.  Students are allowed to submit journal entries from the web and instructors may view and comment on the entries by student or by date.

  • Group Tasks:  This feature allows students to create a list of tasks that need to be completed in order to accomplish group goals.  Tasks can be categorized by due date, priority level, and completion status.

  • Send Email:  Email is convenient way to communicate between group members and allows group members to communicate without having to worry about schedules or arranging group meetings.  To read group emails you must access your official UTC email account.