Visual Text Box Editor (VTBE)

The text editor allows you integrate various tools into your posts such as adding files, images, hyperlinks, mashups, etc.


Simple Steps:  From the course, select an assignment or test → name your assignment → enter text in the box → Submit

Available Tutorials:

  • Using the Text Editor (PDF)
  • Insert files with the Text Editor (PDF)
  • Create Hyperlinks with the Text Editor (PDF)
  • Add Mashups (Flickr Images, SlideShare Presentations, and/or YouTube videos) (PDF)

Explanation:  The Text Editor is how students record their thoughts within UTC Learn's various tools.  VTBEs are used in assignments, discussions, wikis, blogs, and journals.  Similar to most word processors, it allows students to format text, create tables, insert multimedia, create hyperlinks, and embed images within the text.