Course Tools

UTC Learn provides a variety of tools that an instructor may choose to incorporate into their course for student use.  This page provides a brief description of many of these tools and will help prepare you for their use in a UTC Learn course.


  • Text Editor:  The text editor allows you to integrate various tools intro your posts such as adding files, images, hyperlinks, mashups, etc.

  • Discussion Board:  The Discussion Board is an asynchronous communication tool that allows individuals to post threads with questions or insights.

  • Blogs:  A Blog can be used as a user's public diary, a group collaborative tool, and/or place to interact with instructors and students.

  • Journals:  Students submit journal entries through their UTC Learn course and instructors may view and comment on a student's entry using comments or feedback during grading.

  • Wikis:  A Wiki is a collaborative tool that allows students to contribute and modify one or more pages of course related materials.

  • Chat / Virtual Classroom:  The Chat feature allows students and instructors to interact with each other in real time using a text-based chat.