Discussion Boards

The Discussion Board is an asynchronous communication tool that allows individuals to post threads with questions or insights.  Other users can read and reply to threads or posts with their own insights.  Messages are posted within a forum as threads.  This pattern creates a "threaded" discussion that reflects the input and interactions of all users.


Simple Steps:  From the course, select Discussion → click on the forum you want to open → choose to either create or respond to a thread → type your thoughts in the Text Editor Box → Submit

Available Tutorials:

  • Access Discussion Board Forum (PDF)
  • Reply to a Thread (PDF)
  • Create a Thread (PDF)
  • Save and Edit Drafts (PDF)
  • Edit Post (PDF)
  • View Discussion Board Grades (Video)

Explanation:  The major benefit of integrating the discussion board into your course (especially an online course) is that it allows students to participate in class discussion at a time that is most convenient for them it also allows those students who may feel as comfortable raising their hands in class to have a voice.  Which means you and your classmates do not have to be online at the same time to have a conversation.