A Blog can be used as a user's public diary, a group collaborative tool, and/or place to interact with instructors and students.


Simple Steps:  From the course, select Blogs → click on Create a Blog Entry → Title your entry → Type your entry into the text editor box → click Submit.

Available Tutorials:

  • Create and Post a Blog Entry (PDF)
  • Save, Edit, and Post a Draft Entry (PDF)
  • Add Mashups (PDF)
  • Add Comments to Other Blog Posts (PDF)
  • Read and Respond to Other Comments (PDF)

Explanation:  Blogs are another type of communication tool provided through UTC Learn that serves a variety of functions.  With UTC Learn, blogs can be used as a group tool as well.  Entries are organized in reverse-chronological order from most recent to least recent.  Typically, blogs are entered in a stream-of-consciousness format, meaning that there is not necessarily a rhyme or a reason as to how entries are posted.  Your instructor may however, provide structure to your class blog to help them assess your conceptual understanding.