Communication Tools allow your instructor to communicate with the class and can help you keep in touch with your instructor and fellow classmates.

Available Tutorials:

  • Accessing Announcements (PDF)
  • Send Email (PDF)


Announcements:   Announcements are created by instructors to inform students about course relevant events, due dates, and other time sensitive or critical information.  Instructors can email especially critical announcements too (overriding student's notification settings).  However, not all announcements will be emailed to students; it is imperative that you log into UTC Learn frequently to check for announcements from instructors using UTC Learn in a course.

Announcements are available in two locations.  Course specific announcements are available within the course on UTC Learn most likely on the course Home Page under the Announcements Module or from the Course Menu (look for a button labeled Announcements).  A summary of all course announcements is available in the My Announcements module in your My Institution dashboard within the Main tab.

To change the number of announcements you receive from UTC Learn, click the Notifications Dashboard tab next to My Institution on the Main tab.  Select Edit Notification Settings from the Change Notifications module on the bottom left.  From this page you can choose how you receive (dashboard, email, and/or mobile) notifications, including announcements, of activity within your course(s).


Email:   Sending email through UTC Learn is one of the best ways to communicate with your instructors and classmates.  It is UTC Policy that instructors and students communicate via their official UTC email accounts.  This feature makes it easier for you to send email without having to log into MyMocsNet.  You will have to log into your MocsMail account to receive your reply.