Your instructor has the ability to administer tests via UTC Learn.  A test can be distributed in multiple formats depending on how your instructor wishes to display questions.  For example, the questions can be displayed all at once or one at a time.  Your instructor can also apply multiple settings to a test that affect how the test can be completed.  For example, instructors can choose how many times a test can be attempted, the time allowed to complete the test, and whether or not students can go back and change answers that have already been entered (i.e. back tracking).

Students may receive immediate feedback on a test depending on the feedback settings chosen by the instructor.  Visit My Grades and click on your grade from instructor comments and feedback.

If you experience technical difficulties while taking a test (power outage, loss of Internet connection, etc.) contact your instructor immediately.


Available Tutorials:

  • Access and Take a Test in UTC Learn (PDF)
  • Submit Multiple Attempts (PDF)
  • Type of Test Questions (PDF)



Taking Tests in UTC Learn

Before the Test:

  • Turn off pop-up blockers in browser preferences and close all other software such as instant messaging, email notifications, or other programs, which may interfere when taking a test.
  • Give yourself time to take the test, accounting for any technical problems that may occur.  Once you have entered the test, do not leave the test or do anything else until you are finished.
  • It is not recommended that you connect to UTC Learn using America Online as your browser or through dial-up connection.  Your connection may be terminated at any time.  Recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox.
  • Do not use a mobile device's web browser to take a UTC Learn test or quiz.


During the Test:

  • Wait for all questions to load before beginning the test.
  • Do not navigate to other websites or any other area of UTC Learn while taking the test.  If you do, you may be locked out of your test.
  • Avoid hitting Enter on your keyboard or double clicking on navigation, save, or submit buttons within UTC Learn
  • Never use the back or forward button in your browser; instead, always use UTC Learn's navigational tools to navigate through the test.
  • Keep your browser active.  The assessment feature in UTC Learn is set to time out when there is an extended the "Save" located at the top or bottom of the test page.  Checking boxes and typing does not keep the browser active.
  • If your test has an essay question use Notepad (Microsoft) or TextEdit (Mac) to compose your essay and save it to your computer before cutting and pasting into the text editor in UTC Learn.  Does not apply to tests taken in the Lockdown browser.
  • When you have completed the test, make sure you click on the Submit button (and no the Save button).  Click on the Submit button only once; there may be a delay as the test is scored.
  • If using a mouse with a scroll wheel, click on your answer and then click elsewhere in the test area, and then scroll down with the scroll wheel to avoid scrolling to a different answer.