Safe Assignments

Safe Assign is designed to assess a student paper for the percentage of text that matches text from other sources.  The purpose of Safe ASsign is to inform students and instructors that portions of a paper have not been properly cited or portions of the paper match another source (even if it is cited properly).

Safe Assign generates an originality report that specifies that percent value a paper matches other sources.  The paper is checked from four different sources:  general Internet, ProQuest ABI/Inform database, Institutional database, and Global Reference Database.  The Internet compares it to public documents.  The ProQuest ABI/Inform database compares your paper to approximately 1100 publications from 1990 to present.  The Institutional document archives compare your paper to other papers submitted at UTC.  The Global Reference Database compares your paper to those donated by other students (internationally) that also use Safe Assign; these papers cannot be removed from the database.


Available Tutorials:

  • Submit Safe Assignment (PDF)
  • Understand a Safe Assign Report (PDF)