Assessments are designed to test student knowledge.  Instructors may use UTC Learn to administer online assessments to students and collect student work.  There are five types of assessments in UTC Learn - Tests, Surveys, Assignments, Safe Assignments, and Self & Peer Assessments.


When completing assessments within UTC Learn it is imperative to review your instructor's instructions for submission, know how to navigate the assessment, and submit your work for grading.  Below are the different types of assessments available in UTC Learn.

  • Tests:  An assessment used to measure your knowledge of a given topic. 

  • Surveys:  An assessment of your understanding on a certain topic, a specific assignment, or on the course in general.

  • Assignments:  Allows instructors to assign work electronically. 

  • Safe Assignments:  Similar to assignments with the addition of a plagiarism detection check once papers are submitted. 

  • Self & Peer Assessments:  Enhances the reflective learning skills of students.