Submitting assignments is one of the most important uses of UTC Learn.  Many instructors distribute assignments through UTC Learn because they find it a more effective and efficient process with respect to grading and providing feedback.  There fore, it is important that students know how to submit assignments via UTC Learn.

Instructors may require you to submit multiple files per assignment so it is important that you know how to use the tools provided in the Assignment feature.  Your instructor has the option to only allow you to have one attempt at submitting your assignment or they may allow you to have multiple attempts and will only grade the last submission.  Make sure you have full understanding of your submission options.

In addition, your instructor may have the To Do module on the Home Page of your course, if they provide a due date and time for a particular assignment it will sync with the To Do List.  You can also add a To Do List to the main page of UTC Learn to have a more comprehensive view of what assignments are due for all of your courses.  (This module only works with the Assignment feature and if and only if your instructor includes a due date and time).  You can access all assignments from the To Do List and go directly to a particular assignment.


Available Tutorials:

  • Accessing and Completing Surveys (PDF)
  • Submit an Assignment (PDF)
  • Access Submitted Assignment (PDF)