UTC Learn Policy Information

Cross-listing: Cross-listing (merging) of multiple course sections of the same modality (face-to-face, online, hybrid) is an option for instructors. The course sections should have the same course number. For course sections to be cross-listed, a request must be submitted at least two business days before the start of the term. 

Integrations: Integrations with publisher sites and other external tools are made available when requested at least two weeks before the start of the term in which the integration is needed. Please review our current integrations before submitting a request. 

User Enrollment: Students and instructors are added to UTC Learn course spaces through a Banner feed that updates every two hours. Only officially registered students and assigned instructors are automatically enrolled in UTC Learn course spaces. Additional users (designer, teaching assistant) may be added to courses upon request by completing the form

Teaching Assistants may be added to courses upon request. TAs have access to student grades in UTC Learn and therefore must have completed FERPA training before being added to the course space. To request a TA to be added to your course space, please submit a request and include documentation of the student's completion of FERPA training.

Course Creation:  Courses are created 8 weeks before the semester begins.  Courses are made available to students automatically the first day of classes. 

Organizations: Dedicated spaces in UTC Learn are available for faculty or staff-sponsored organizations or groups to request. Complete this form to request an organization.

Incompletes: If a student has an official incomplete in your course, please contact utclearn@utc.edu so that access to the course can be granted.