Course Merge Requests

If you would like course sections to be merged, such as cross-listed courses or multiple sections of the same course, please complete and submit the form below. Merge requests must be submitted no later than two business days before the start of the semester. Please note:  Merges cannot be done after classes have started.

Merge requests for Fall 2018 is Friday, August 17th.

Please Note: Your existing courses that you include in the form below will be merged into a new "master" course. This new master course will be named using the naming convention shown below, including the text that you choose in the merge request form. Students will see the course name for which they are registered in their course list in UTC Learn.

Merged course naming convention:

 graphic explaining merged course naming convention including term utcid and merged course name


Please complete and submit the following form:

DO NOT include the term (FA18) or your UTCID or any special characters