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Instructor UTC Learn (Blackboard) Tutorials

Adding Content
  • Create Announcement (PDF)
Assignments SafeAssignments
  • SafeAssign Overview Video (Video)
  • Create SafeAssign in Assignments (PDF)
  • Grade SafeAssign Assignment (PDF)
  • Read SafeAssign Report (PDF)
Blogs (for open collaboration among students or how-to's)
  • Access Student Blog Entries (PDF)
  • Add Comments (PDF)
  • Create Blogs (PDF)
  • Create and Save Blog Entry (PDF)
  • Grade Blog (PDF)
Course Navigation Menu
  • Customizing a Course Menu (PDF)
  • Editing your Course Menu (PDF)
Course Tools
  • Enable Course Tools (Video)
  • Course Calendar (PDF)
  • Date Management (PDF)
Discussion Board (for facilitating open discussions among students or in groups)
  • Create Forum (PDF) (Video)
  • Create, Edit, Delete Thread Posts (PDF)
  • Grade Threads and Forums (PDF)
  • Read and Reply to Thread (PDF)
  • Save, Edit Thread Draft (PDF)
  • Search and Filter Forum (PDF)
Packages and Utilities
  • Archive Course (PDF) - includes student data
  • Export Course (PDF) (Video) - does not include student data
  • Import Course (PDF) (Video)
Grade Center
  • Transferring Grades from UTC Learn to Banner (PDF)
  • Enter Grades in Banner (Video)
  • Grade Center Categories (PDF) (Video)
  • Create Total Column (PDF)
  • Create Weighted Column (PDF) (Video)
  • Navigating the Grade Center (PDF) (Video)
  • Grade Center Download/Upload (PDF) (Video)
  • Organize Columns (PDF)
  • Grade Anonymously (PDF)
  • Inline Grading (PDF)
  • Color Codes (PDF) (Video)
  • Editing Grading Schema (Website)
Journals (for private reflection not seen by other students)
  • Access Student Journal Entries (PDF)
  • Add Comments (PDF)
  • Create Journal (PDF)
  • Create Journal Entry (PDF)
  • Grade Journal (PDF)
  • Access Survey Results (PDF)
  • Create Surveys (PDF)
  • Deploy Surveys (PDF)
  • Edit Survey Questions (PDF)
  • Export/Import Surveys (PDF)
  • Find and Search Survey Questions (PDF)
  • Questions Settings for Surveys (PDF)
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser (PDF) (Video)
  • Update Point Values (PDF)
  • Access Grade (PDF)
  • Create Test (PDF) (Video)
  • Create Pool (PDF) (Video)
  • Create Test From Pool (Website)
  • Create Question Set (PDF)
  • Create Random Block (PDF)
  • Deploy Test (PDF)
  • Edit Test Questions (PDF)
  • Export/Import Test (PDF)
  • Find and Search Test Questions (PDF)
  • Question Settings For Tests (PDF) (Video)
  • Test Exceptions (PDF)
  • Self & Peer Assessments (PDF)
  • Recommended Settings for Tests (PDF)
Users and Groups
  • Creating a Signup Sheet (PDF)