UTC Learn Users

Accounts and Access

Accounts in UTC Learn are assigned based on the role of the user as either a faculty member, a student or an affiliate (also known as guest). Below is a summary of the provisioning associated with each role.

Faculty accounts are automatically created and populated into UTC Learn when the user’s UTC ID is created.  Faculty are enrolled in their courses as instructors based on Banner, the student information system, course assignments.  If the faculty member is not listed as the instructor of record in Banner or as an active UTC employee, the faculty will not be enrolled as the instructor in UTC Learn.

Student accounts are created when the student is officially accepted to UTC. They are automatically populated in the UTC Learn system.  Students are assigned to specific courses in UTC Learn when they are officially registered for the class in the Banner system.  If a student withdraws from a course, the automated enrollment process disables the access to the course.

Students will not see the courses is UTC Learn until the courses are made available by the instructor or until the first day of classes for a term.

Guest accounts are may be requested by UTC faculty and staff by contacting the UTC Solutions Center.  The faculty or staff member acts as a sponsor for the guest.  Once the affiliate ID is generated, the ID will be added to the UTC Learn system and the associated course sites.