System Support and Maintenance

Backup and Recovery

Backup – UTC Learn performs a nightly backup process. All UTC Learn backups are stored off-site.

In addition to this regular backup process, instructors and students should retain copies of their own information placed UTC Learn if loss of that information would prove damaging. It is recommended that faculty frequently backup the Grade Center in their courses throughout the semester. Assistance with this process can be requested through the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning.

Notice - Instructors are responsible for their own course backups. Also, please keep a backup of the Grade Center after every grading change.

Recovery – Due to the complexity of UTC Learn servers and databases, courses, organizations or data will not be recovered from a system backup unless over half of the total UTC courses, organizations and data on the system are affected.

Investigating Course Activity

Instructors have the ability to analyze student activity in courses by using the built-in reporting system. The reporting tools provide most instructors with the ability to extract data from their courses needed to make informed decisions related to student interaction and activities in the classroom.

Requesting Building Blocks or Third-Party Software

UTC Learn is a critical component of the UTC learning environment. In addition to UTC Learn’s existing tools for teaching and learning is the potential to integrate third-party products into the system to improve instruction and learning. Building Blocks are software and applications available to faculty and staff that facilitate and/or expand UTC Learn's capabilities.

UTC’s Accessible Technology Initiative requires that all new technologies adopted at UTC be fully accessible to all UTC students, faculty, and staff. In partnership with the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning, new UTC Learn technologies are tested to ensure accessibility and compatibility with the existing UTC Learn system.

Faculty interested in adopting a third-party component (also known as building blocks) that require integration with the UTC Learn system will need to complete the request form located on the UTC Learn website to begin the process.

After your request is received by the UTC Learn support team, the process of quality assurance (QA) testing will begin. In addition to functionality testing, the requested components will also undergo testing for universal design and accessibility compliance by the Disability Resource Center.