UTC Learn organizations are used for faculty and student groups who need access to communication and documents over multiple semesters.  All student organizations MUST be recognized as official campus organizations and have an official UTC faculty or staff sponsor before they will be created.    The Student Affairs Office maintains a list of the officially recognized campus organizations.

Requesting an Organization or Community

In order to request an organization, the requester (Official UTC sponsor such as faculty or staff ) should complete the online request form (to be inserted), email, or contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning.  The requester, also known as the official UTC sponsor, will be added to the organization as the leader. 

When requesting that an organization be created, the requester will need to provide an Excel spreadsheet listing all of the initial UTC-IDs for organization membership (names are not necessary) and the desired name of the organization. 

Adding and Removing Users

The initial creation of an organization may include a batch upload of the members if the information is provided with the initial request.  After the creation of the organization, leader(s) of the organization are responsible for working with the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning to maintain a current list of participants. 

Locating the Organization

Once created and made available to the users, the name of the organization will be listed under the organizations tab in the UTC Learn system.