Access to Courses    

Courses are created in the UTC Learn system through a secure, automatic data feed from Banner, the official student information system.  Enrollments for instructors and students in the courses is managed by this automated process.  Courses will be automatically made available to students on the first day of classes of each term.

Course Retention

Providing optimal performance and security of UTC Learn is a priority for the UTC Learn team.  It is important to limit the amount of information stored within the UTC Learn database.  In order to limit the amount of data stored, deleting course sites that have been inactive for more than two years is necessary.  This helps maintain a reasonable database size and provides consistent performance and download speeds. Because most courses are taught at least once every two years, instructors will have the ability to copy content from inactive to current courses and to archive/export course content to their own local or network storage.

Students who take an incomplete for the course will remain active in UTC Learn so that they can access course material to finish the course after the term has expired.  The instructor will be responsible for making the course available to the student to complete the work.  Courses will be available to instructors the entire two years before the course is deleted from the system.

Automatic course deletions will occur twice a year in January and July and will affect courses that are then more than two years old. For example, Fall 2014 courses will be due for deletion in January 2017. Spring 2015 courses will be due for deletion in July 2017.

Instructors will be contacted via email notification at two months, one month, and one week prior to the course site being deleted. Notifications will remind instructors that courses are being deleted on the designated date and time and will provide explicit instructions for archiving courses and course content.

Course Section Merge

If an instructor requests course sections to be merged into one course site in the UTC Learn system, the instructor must contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning to request assistance.  Examples of course sections that might be merged are cross-listed course sections and multiple sections of a course taught by the same instructor.

Courses cannot be merged after the first day of the semester.  When the courses are merged, the course listed on the student’s course list reflects the name of the actual course the student registered for instead of the name of the merged course. 

Faculty Sandbox Creation and Management

UTC faculty are provided with a developmental sandbox area as an instructional design resource.  These sandboxes can be used for testing of tools and functionality of UTC Learn as well as developing content for future courses.  Each faculty member is provided a sandbox by default.  The sandbox is created based on the standard course template adopted by UTC.  The naming convention used for the sandbox area is “sandbox.UTCID”.  If additional space is needed for the development of the course, it can be requested by contacting the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning or emailing

Requesting Additional Sandbox Areas

Faculty may request additional sandboxes for future course development by emailing or contacting the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning. 

Managing Sandbox Area Content

The goal of providing additional sandbox areas for development is to allow faculty the ability to create courses in the LMS without having to do it in a live class.  If a sandbox area is no longer needed and can be deleted, contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning or email 

It is the faculty member’s responsibility to maintain the content in the sandbox area.  In the event of a server upgrade, the faculty will be responsible for transferring any sandbox content from system to system.  The Walker Center for Teaching and Learning will provide detailed information on requesting new sandbox areas and how to transfer the materials in the event of a server upgrade.

Course Site Template

Course sites are creating using the official UTC course site template.  This template is approved for accessibility using the appropriate colors, contrast, font size, etc. for learners who are visually impaired.  It is strongly encouraged that all instructors use the official template. 

Academic Acknowledgement

Every course site includes a link to the required Academic Acknowledgement.  Students are required to complete this activity in all courses in which they are enrolled, with some exceptions (individual studies, internships, thesis, dissertation, etc.).  Instructors should not hide, delete, or make this activity unavailable.

Adding Users

Instructors can request to add users to courses.  These users should have an official educational purpose such as a teaching assistant. Only officially registered students should be enrolled in UTC Learn courses.