Request to Enroll User in a Course Site 

To add a user to your course site, please submit the form below. 

Please note that only enrolled students should be in course sites and this enrollment is automatically performed through Banner. Only users who have been trained on Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) should have access to the control panel (Gradebook) and protected student information.

All users should follow best practices outlined in the UTC AUP and NEVER give their ID/password to anyone. The available user roles that may be requested are:


Teaching Assistant - Has access to Control Panel functions.  They may not change the role of a user in the course, modify passwords, or remove an instructor.  

Course Builder - Able to add content to the course through the Content Area functions.  This role is appropriate for a user who has limited responsibilities. No access to Gradebook.

Guest - Cannot access any area of the Control Panel; this role is generally given to visitors such as prospective students, alumni, or parents to whom limited availability (may only have permission to view, but not to participate) may be given for several areas within the course.


Please complete and submit the form below to request user enrollment: