UTC Learn Building Blocks

Building Blocks are software and applications available to faculty and staff that facilitate and/or expand Blackboard's capabilities.  Below is a list of currently approved and installed Building Blocks on the UTC Learn system.  

Building Block Vendor Version Description Resources
Cengage Learning MindLinks Blackboard 1.100.911300180 Instructor integration for Cengage course materials Cengage Help
McGraw-Hill Connect & Create Blackboard 2.2.91130038 Instructor integration for McGraw-Hill course materials McGraw-Hill Help
Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering Blackboard 3.0.911300370 Instructor integration for Pearson course materials Pearson Help
SafeAssign Blackboard 3.06 SafeAssign is a text matching software that is available to instructors Instructor Tutorials
UTC Learn Mobile Blackboard 91.4.3 Application for mobile devices to access UTC Learn UTC Learn Mobile
WileyPlus Blackboard 2.0.911300439 Instructor integration for WileyPlus course materials WileyPlus Help

UTC Learn Building Block Review Process

Below is a summary of the steps involved in the testing process after you have submitted your request.

  1. Request for the third-party integration is submitted by the faculty, application below. 
  2. Request reviewed by relevant staff (Instructional designers and System admin)
    • Accept – Notify requester that their request is moving into quality assurance (QA) testing, including their role (if applicable).  Also notify of the estimated time for results of QA testing
    • Decline – Notify requester of rationale
    • QA Testing
      • Obtain copy and necessary license for building block
      • Install on test environment
      • QA Testing
        • Requester
        • Instructional designers
        • System admin
        • Disability Resource Center
  3. Findings, discussion, and recommendations
  4. Generate report
  5. Notification to requester
    • Accept – Schedule for production implementation
    • Decline - Rationale

UTC Learn Building Block Request Form

UTC Learn is a critical component of the UTC learning environment.  In addition to UTC Learn’s existing tools for teaching and learning is the potential to integrate third-party products into the system to improve instruction and learning.

UTC’s Accessible Technology Initiative requires that all new technologies adopted at UTC be fully accessible to all UTC students, faculty, and staff. In partnership with the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning new UTC Learn technologies are tested to ensure accessibility and compatibility with the existing UTC Learn system. 

Faculty interested in adopting a third-party component (sometimes called building blocks) that require integration with the UTC Learn system will need to complete the form below before installation.  

After your request is received by the UTC Learn Administrator, we will begin the process of quality assurance (QA) testing. In addition to functionality testing, the requested components will also undergo testing for universal design and accessibility compliance by the Disability Resource Center.