Course Customization  

Customize the style of your course before making it available to students through the Customization menu in the Control Panel.  Additional course tools are also made available through the Customization menu.

course customization  What would you like to do?

    -Make my course available
    -Add a tool to my course
    -Change the name of my course
    -Add a course description
    -Customize the look of my course menu buttons
    -Change my course entry page



Course Properties

Course Properties include course name, availability, and language settings.

Simple Steps to Make Course Available:  From the course Control Panel → Customization → Properties → #3 → Make course available → Check "Yes" → Submit

Available Tutorials:  Make the Course Available (PDF),  Customize Properties (PDF)

Explanation:  Courses under development are set as unavailable by default to prevent students from accessing a course until the instructor is ready.  Once a course is ready for students to access, the Instructor must first make it available.  Students will NOT be able to view their course until it has been made available.  Instructors, Course Builders, Teaching Assistants, and Graders can see and access unavailable Courses from My Courses and the Course List, but they are marked as unavailable.  Unavailable Courses do not appear in the Course Catalog.


Course Style

The Course Style menu includes options for customizing the Course Menu, course content display, course home or landing page and adding a course banner.

Simple Steps:  From the course Control Panel → Customization → Teaching Style  Use sections 1 through 5 to customize the look of your course → Submit
Available Tutorials:  Customize the Course Menu (PDF),  Customize Style Options (PDF),  Edit Course Menu (PDF)

Explanation:  Along with personalizing the color theme of the course homepage, the Course Style menu allows the instructor to further customize the look of their course.  Instructors can change the landing page of their course to any other content area (the Syllabus or Assignments for example).  Change the color and style of the course menu and add a banner image to the course landing page in order to give your course a unique look that will help differentiate one course from another.

Course Tool Availability

UTC Learn has a number of tools to aid instruction and enhance interactivity.  Most tools are immediately available in the course.  However, some tools need to be turned on in a course before an instructor can use them.  Use the steps below to turn on unavailable tools.

Simple Steps:  From the Course Control Panel → Customization → Tool Availability → Scroll to the desired tool (listed alphabetically) → Check the associated boxes to the right → Submit

Available Tutorials:  Customize Tool Availability (PDF)

Explanation:  Instructors can control the availability of tools.  The tools that are available by default are listed in Control Panel → Course Tools.  Some tools are also available from the content area drop down menu or the Course Menu (see how to add tools to the Course Menu for student access).  There are few tools that are not available by default such as the Online Attendance, Grammarly, and select tools from book publishers.  You may also limit access to certain tools such as email and change the default settings so students can only e-mail the Instructor and not have access to the other Send Email features.