Tests and Quizzes

Tests and Quizzes are created to check the knowledge and skill level of users enrolled in the Course.  The instructor can assign point values to each question on exams or quizzes.  When a Student completes a Test, it is automatically graded and the results are recorded in the Grade Center.  Questions that require manual grading are marked in the Grade Center and can be graded later.

Creating a Test

Tests are sets of questions that are graded to measure student performance.  Once a test is created in UTC Learn, it must be deployed within a content folder before students can take the test.  Note that some question types are not automatically graded (e.g. essay and short answer).  The test or quiz item is automatically placed in the Grade Center if the instructor gives a possible point value during set-up.  Students access the test through their UTC Learn if made available and once finished; their score is calculated and will appear in your Grade Center.  These tutorials will go over how to create a test and the types of questions available.

Available Tutorials:  Create a Test (PDF),  Deploy a Test (PDF),  Update Point Values (PDF),  Export Test (PDF),  Import Test (PDF)

Available Videos:  Creating a Test (VIDEO),  Setting Test Options (VIDEO),  Exporting and Importing a Test or Survey (VIDEO)

Question Types

Available Tutorials:  Edit Questions (PDF),  Find and Search Questions (PDF),  Upload Questions (PDF)

Available Videos:  Different Question Types - Video List


Questions are grouped in Pools to be used in other tests and surveys.  The Find Questions page allows instructors to search for and add questions to tests and surveys.

Available Tutorials:  Create a Pool (PDF),  Create Test from Pool (PDF),  Create a Question Set (PDF),  Create a Random Block (PDF)

Available Videos:  Building a Pool (VIDEO), Create a Random Block and Adding it to a Test (VIDEO)