Getting Help

Security Warning: Digital Signature Error

A security warning may appear when trying to use tools in UTC Learn that utilize Java. Check "Always trust content from this publisher" and select Run to stop pop-up error messages. 


Don't copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word into UTC Learn

Pasting from a Microsoft Word document into any UTC Learn window causes serious errors.  To safely copy and paste from a Word document in UTC Learn, use the "Paste from Word" Mashup tool.  View one of the following tutorials to learn how (PDFVideo)


Illegal Characters in File Names Can Cause Inaccessible Files

UTC Learn allows files with illegal characters in the file name to be submitted to the instructor; however, the instructor often cannot access such files. The fix in this case is for the student to rename the file without the illegal character(s) and resubmit it. Allowed characters in file names are as follows: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, a "-" (dash), and an "_" (underscore). Do not use file names containing the following characters: #, %, ), (, &, $, @, !, ?, or spaces.

Maintenance Schedule: 

UTC Learn server maintenance occurs nightly from 3:45-4:00am and normally also the Friday after the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 5:00-7:00 am (sometimes the third Friday of the month). The system may not be available during these times. Do not schedule or take tests during these times. A record of outages is kept below for reference.

Issues Log

This is a log of current and past critical issues. You may view SafeAssign server status and resources here.


For Students: 

IT Client Services

(423) 425-4000 


For Instructors:

Walker Center for Teaching and Learning