Important Canvas Updates

The updates listed below were implemented on May 7, 2020.  Please contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning if you have any questions.


Assignment Tool - Limiting the Submissions Attempts on Assignments

With this added feature, you are now able to limit the number of attempts students will be able to have in submitting assignments.


Syllabus Tool – Ability to Turn Off the Course Summary

This added feature allows you to turn off the course summary listing the assignments and due dates associated with your course under the Syllabus Tool.


Rich Context Editor Update

The rich context editor in Canvas has been updated with a more condensed, intuitive look.  The toolbar menu is now grouped by common items and expands to the full width of the browser.  You will now be able to link to other parts of Canvas, files, or access uploaded media using the toolbar instead of the side-bar menu.


Gradebook:  SpeedGrader in Gradebook Column Heading

You can now access the SpeedGrader for an assignment from the Gradebook.  Click on the three dots (kabob) at the top of the column and click on SpeedGrader.


Rubric Tool – Access to Rubric Tool Now at Course Level

You can now access the rubric tool from your course navigation menu.  This will provide you with easy access to build and manage rubrics you use in your course.  The manage rubrics button has been removed from the Outcomes tool page.