Organization Migration

An image showing the blackboard logo with an arrow pointing to the canvas logo.


If you are the primary leader of an organization in Blackboard and you would like that organization migrated to Canvas, please submit a request using the button below. 

Organizations in Canvas use different terminology for enrolled users. Leaders (Blackboard) are called Teachers, and Participants (Blackboard) are called Students.

You have 3 options when submitting a request:

  1. Migrate my organization AND migrate the content from Blackboard to Canvas.
    1. Your Blackboard org will be disabled, and all content migrated to Canvas.
    2. You will select a date when you would like this to happen.

  2. Migrate my organization WITHOUT any content.
    1. We will create a new empty organization on Canvas as soon as possible. You can begin setting up the organization in Canvas until your Blackboard org will be closed.
    2. You will select a date when the Blackboard org should be closed.

  3. My organization is no longer needed
    1. Nothing will be migrated and the Blackboard org will be removed

User Enrollment

Before you submit the migration request, please compile your user enrollment list (teachers and students) using this templateOnly UTCIDs and role (teacher or student) are needed. Include yourself in the enrollment template. If your enrollment changes each semester and you don't know your upcoming enrollment at this time, you do not have to list everyone. Additional teachers and students can be added later. You need to include at least one leader

Organization Enrollment Template

Organization Migration Request

When your enrollment template is ready, you can load the request form by clicking the button below. If you are the primary leader of multiple organizations, you will need to submit a separate enrollment template and request for each organization.

Organization Migration Request