FemaleMiyuki Tatsumi

Master’s of Computer Science




Why UTC?
I applied to several schools in U.S. UTC was the best one responding to my requests for admissions. For international students, we need a lot of support for immigration status, so I immediately felt that this school has a good support for us. I always appreciate Nancy Amberson and Lora Cook for the best care for international students.  For future UTC students, I have gone to two different schools prior to UTC. Among all, UTC offers the best support for international students. Faculty members at UTC are professional yet friendly. Since I came here, I've never thought about transferring to another school.



Ashvini Somasundar

Master’s of Business Administration




I have enjoyed every minute of my time at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Everyone is so caring and helpful, that I have never felt alone or out of place . . . Chattanooga is a beautiful, pleasant and safe city. The Graduate program at UTC has been wonderful! I would recommend UTC to any foreign student looking for a home away from home.




Linas Salkauskas

Bachelor's of Criminal Justice, Master’s of Criminal Justice




Hello Foreigners,
I chose UTC because of the opportunities the school gives for incoming international students: great education, comfortable housing, and friendly, helpful school community. Playing sports for UTC provided me with education and gave me the chance to start my graduate school!!



GirlWeinan Chen

BS Chemistry



In particular, I love the Chemistry Department--a very good Chemistry program in the south region.  It gives various interesting research opportunities to individual students.  Also, the department funds its research students to attend regional or national scholar meetings.  I've really enjoyed my student life in UTC!


ManAlex Mabred

BS Business Administration



I came to UTC to play tennis and am now completing my degree.  I hope to find a job after graduation so I can gain practical experience.


FemaleGilliana Rampersad

BS Mechanical Engineering

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


I chose UTC for its excellent Engineering program and wonderful location. The closeness of the student body and faculty was a very desirable atmosphere for me to further my education. If you choose UTC, you will know and experience this feeling.