Social Security Card  [available only to employed international students]

Social Security is the means the U.S. government uses to track workers in the U.S. Each citizen has a social security number and card. Each international student who wishes to work in the U.S. must obtain a social security number/card to receive payment for his/her work. Students who will work and require a social security (SS) number should come to the ISS Office for further processing forms/information.
It is important to note that new international students must be in the U.S. at least 10 business days and registered in SEVIS for at least 48 hours before making application for the SS number. This is an SS Administration requirement and not a requirement of UTC.
USCIS allows new incoming international students to arrive up to 30 days before the first date of class. There will be several check-in sessions listed on the acceptance material. SEVIS registration is completed after attending one check-in session.


As a student paid for work at UTC, you will have income tax withheld from the paycheck each pay period. You may file a tax return form the next spring after the previous year of employment. If there is a tax treaty between the U.S. and the home country or too much tax was withheld, you will receive a refund by completing a tax return. If you paid too little tax, you will be required to pay the additional tax amount. There are local tax agencies that can prepare these forms but the cost is the responsibility of the student.

Course Registration

Attendance at one mandatory check-in session is required before the registration hold is removed from the student account. Graduate students will meet with the program coordinator for advising and registration. Undergraduate students with a declared major should contact the department of the major for an advising appointment and undergraduates who have not declared a major should contact the Center for Academic Support and Advisement. 423-425-4573

Payment of Fees

It is very important to pay close attention to the fee payment deadlines each semester. Please review further information at the following website:

Immunizations and Health Services

Please review the University Health Services website at NOTE the section on Immunizations. The immunization form must be submitted before course registration will be permitted. The ISS Office does not have authority over this hold so be sure to submit the information to the correct location. The site to download the form is Immunization Form .

Sickness and Accident Insurance

The purchase of sickness and accident insurance is required of all F-1 students. The cost will be added to the course fee payment and paid through the Bursar’s Office. There is not a waiver of this requirement. This coverage also includes repatriation and evacuation coverage.

Safety and Security

While no area is entirely without crime, Chattanooga and UTC is a very safe place to live. As most crimes involve theft, you should take special care to secure your belongings and always lock your car door and the door of your residence. It is also a good idea to walk with friends, especially at night. You will be given information at the check-in session pertaining to the university alert system for telephones, computers, and class rooms.

International students are advised that laws in the U.S. might differ greatly from those in their home country. You should know that in the U.S. the legal drinking age is 21. Buying or consuming alcohol by persons under the age of 21 is illegal. Additionally, strict laws govern drinking and driving, even for the person over age 21. 

Student ID

Upon arrival on campus you should visit the Mocs Card Office located at 141 University Center to obtain your student id card. The Mocs Card is used a door key to on campus housing, classrooms/labs, dining services, library services, etc.


On-campus website is .
Living arrangements for off-campus are the responsibility of the student.

Tennessee Driver’s License

If you will have a car, you will need a driver’s license. The below link will provide information pertaining to Tennessee laws and requirements.