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Admission into the Interior Design Major

Eligibility to Apply to the Interior Design Degree Program

A student entering UTC who intends to pursue the B.S. in Interior Design must first enroll as a Pre-Major in Interior Design (Pre-Interior Design). To be considered for admission into the B.S. program, students must earn a C or better in all interior design courses prior to review and must maintain an overall cumulative GPA of a 2.00.  Prerequisites for application into the Interior Design degree program include INTD 1000 and INTD 1100.  Applications to the Interior Design degree program will be distributed to eligible pre-interior design students during the Spring semester. 

Interior Design Degree Program Application and Review

The application is a formal assessment of the student’s ability to think critically, as well as to visualize and verbalize through graphics and writing.  The review is intended to provide students with an assessment of their potential for success in the Interior Design degree program of study early enough to allow them to make a program change should that be advisable. In addition to the formal application, the student’s overall academic record will be reviewed for quality and seriousness of purpose. A history of excessive absences, significant lack of participation, withdrawals, or incompletes will not be looked upon favorably.  Students who do not satisfactorily complete the review will be unable to enroll in 2000, 3000 and 4000 level courses in Interior Design except by special permission of the Professor and Department Head. Students will have only two opportunities to reapply for admission.

Interior Design students who are successfully admitted into the Interior Design degree program are required to obtain a laptop computer with specified program software to be used in the classroom setting.

Transfer Students

Students transferring from other Interior Design programs who intend to pursue the B.S. in Interior Design at UTC must enroll as a pre-Interior Design major, take or have equivalent credit for INTD 1000 and INTD 1100 (C or better) and must successfully complete the application process into the UTC Interior Design degree program, except by special permission of the Department Head.

Upper level students wishing to transfer into the interior design major from an interior design major at another college must have their portfolio reviewed and submit a reference form.

Transfer students must also provide a faculty recommendation from their previous institution using the following form.  This form is provided in two formats for your convenience. 

Word format recommendation form. 
PDF format recommendation form.

Continuation Standards

A grade of C (70%) or better in an interior design course is required for that course to be considered as successfully completed, and for that course to count as a prerequisite for subsequent courses in the interior design course sequence. A grade of D or F in an interior design course must be repeated in order to continue, prolonging the time it takes to complete the Interior Design program.