Paying for college continues to be a challenge for most students. There a few additional things that you should be aware of to help you through the process.

  1. The Educational Opportunity Center offers FREE counseling and information to those who do not already have a four-year degree and who want to enter or continue a program of post-secondary education. They will help you complete financial aid forms, find scholarships, grants and loans. They also have scholarships. We STRONGLY recommend you contact their office for help.
  2. Apply for financial aid early. You can complete financial aid before you are even admitted to the university. Complete the admission application and the financial aid application at the same time.
  3. The FAFSA application is available in October for the next academic year. You can learn more about the FAFSA application on the UTC Financial Aid Website.
  4. You may be required to provide documentation for your FAFSA application. Make sure you check your email for updates on the processing of your FAFSA application.
  5. If you are a dependent (24 years or younger), you are required to provide your parent's tax information for the previous year.
  6. The FAFSA form must be completed EVERY year!
  7. Applying for scholarships is a different application from the FAFSA. You can apply for scholarships on the UTC Scholarships Website. Scholarships are awarded early so money runs out quickly. Apply as early as possible.
  8. The Financial Aid office has some deadlines. These deadlines can be found on the UTC Financial Aid Website.
  9. If you are denied financial aid because you have 150% of allowed hours, there is an appeals process. In the email that financial aid sends you, the appeal process is explained. You will need to complete a graduation plan and have the BIS coordinator sign the plan.
  10. You can appeal until you have reached 225 attempted hours. Federal regulations prohibit aid for more than 225 hours.
  11. Academic forgiveness does not apply to financial aid. The hours counted include all hours attempted, including withdrawals where you were assigned a grade of "W".
  12. If you are a nontraditional student, you may qualify for the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (HOPE Scholarship). TELS qualifications can be found on the TELS Website. If you have more questions, I recommend you contact the scholarships office at the number below.
  13. For all financial aid or scholarship questions, contact the UTC Financial Aid & Scholarships Office at 423-425-4677.