Minor in Gerontology: Stand Out from the Rest

Minor in Gerontology

The interdisciplinary minor in Gerontology is designed to help undergraduate students cultivate an understanding of the many facets of the aging process, including the biological, psychological, and sociocultural aspects of adult development and aging.

As the United States elderly population is projected to dramatically increase, this coursework helps prepare students to work with not only geriatric clients within the community but also with staff of varying disciplines. Being cognizant that there are other aspects of gerontology aside from the biological, psychological, and sociocultural aspects, we offer elective courses from areas including but not limited to Interior Design, Nutrition, and Social Work as they apply to aging. Most, if not all, of the courses can be completed online.

The curriculum covers the competency statements published in 2014 by the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE). Forty-five service learning (clinical) hours in the community are required in the final practicum course.

This minor would be useful for a number of different majors, and HHP, NURS, PSY, SOC, and SOCW may have a specific interest.  Also, students who are interested in professional school in the health professions may also find the major useful in their chosen career field.

For questions, email utcbis@utc.edu. For more information about this growing population, visit Gerontology at UTC.


Minor Requirements: 22 hours

  • 19 hours including
    • HHP 2300: Applied Anatomy and Physiology
    • PSY 2230: Psychology of Aging
    • HHP 4520: Problems in Health: Aging and Death Education
    • NURS 3500: The Physical Process of Aging
    • ANTH 3380: Sociocultural Studies of Aging
    • INTS 4000: Service Learning with the Elderly
  • 3 hours of elective, selected from
    • HHP 4410: Exercise and the Older Adult
    • IARC 4220: Aging in the Built Environment
    • NUTR 4240: Nutrition in the Older Adult
    • SOCW 4600 : Social Work Practice with Aging Families
    • PSY 3130: Cognitive Science