Integrated Studies Capstone Course (INTS 4900)

What is INTS 4900?

  1. INTS 4900 is a senior-level capstone course in which students will reflect on their learning.
  2. Students will enroll in the INTS 4900 in the semester prior to graduation.
  3. INTS 4900 is an online course.
  4. In this course, you will develop an electronic portfolio using Google sites through your Mocs+ account.
  5. In your portfolio, you will be required to reflect on your learning and demonstrate the integration of your coursework.
  6. You will also be expected to participate in weekly discussion boards.
  7. You meet with members of the class for group assessment of your portfolio at least three times during the semester.
  8. Your portfolio will be assessed at the end of the semester using this rubric.


Remember to save your papers, exams, presentations, group projects, digital media (video and audio), creative artwork, internship reflections, syllabi, and other course materials to use in your portfolio!


You can view sample portfolios from former UTC Integrated Studies students by visiting the links below:

Interior Architecture and Early Childhood Education

Biology and Pre-professional

Communication and Business Administration #1

Environmental Science and Business

Business and Communication #2

Psychology and Pre-professional

Psychology and Health and Human Performance

Marketing and Management

Pre-professional, Accounting, and Biology

Pre-professional, Sociology, Psychology

Criminal Justice and HHP (Example portfolio from an adult student who returned to school after a 18 year break and did not have many artifacts from his previous education, but still reflected on his learning.  A good example for those who do not have artifacts because the courses they are integrating are from prior college experience.)

Professional Studies Concentration Example #1

Professional Studies Concentration Example #2


Please see the links below for additional information about reflection:

Salt Lake Community College's Reflection Site


Reflection in Learning YouTube Video


Catalog Description:

INTS 4900 - Integrated Studies Senior Portfolio (3) Credit Hours. Senior capstone course for Integrated Studies majors. Integration of knowledge and concepts of two or more disciplines, demonstrated through an electronic portfolio of student work. On demand. Prerequisite: senior standing, final semester.