Advising is an integral component of your degree. Here are the steps for introduction to Integrated Studies:

  1. Students interested should first visit our website and view the "Getting Started" video.
  2. After viewing the video, please complete and submit the Integrated Studies Intent Form.
  3. The Integrated Studies Office will contact students about scheduling an appointment within 2 business days for their first advisement session.
  4. Students should switch their major to Integrated Studies after meeting with Dr. Potts or Dr. Patterson, should they choose to matriculate in Integrated Studies.
  5. Students must complete an application for acceptance into the program after completing 42 hours or one semester after switching to Integrated Studies. This application must be typed and submitted in Word format (either .doc or .docx) as an email attachment to

Scheduling a Regular Advising Appointment:

Once accepted into the program, you will meet with your adviser EVERY SEMESTER to select your classes for the next term. Advising typically is scheduled in the two weeks BEFORE your assigned registration window and usually immediately after a break (after fall break and after spring break). To schedule an advising appointment, follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to MyMocsNet
  2. Click on the Academics Tab
  3. Click on the SSC Campus link under Academic Quicklinks (top left corner of page)
  4. Once in SSC Campus, click on "Get Advising" button
  5. Select "Schedule an Advising Appointment" from the drop-down menu
  6. Choos an apporpiate reason for wanting to see an advisor (i.e. Advising, Change/Explore Major, etc...)
  7. Select "106 Hunter Hall" for the location
  8. Select "Lee Patterson" for your advisor
  9. Select the best day/time for your schedule
  10. Confirm your appointment

You will receive an email confirmation that includes the location of the appointment.