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Working from Home

If routine work or academic functions are disrupted due to prolonged campus or building closures, you may find it necessary to work, teach or collaborate from off campus.  Staying connected is a critical aspect when making a decision to work from home or from a remote location.

IT provides a variety of services to connect you with colleagues and students remotely so that work and learning can continue uninterrupted.

Prepare to be away

Make sure you have tested your access to the following equipment at home: 

  • Laptop or desktop computer. 
  • Microphone – this may be built into your laptop or computer, or you may use an external device such as a USB microphone or headphones.
  • Webcam – a camera may already be built into your laptop, but you can also use an external USB camera for video conferencing.
  • Internet – either commercially provided (ex. EPB, Comcast, AT&T, etc.), or a wireless hotspot through your mobile phone. 

Don't have equipment at home?  Complete this form.

Note: UTC employees who need equipment to perform essential services for campus may be prioritized based on inventory available at the time of the request.

Don't have internet? Here is information from national providers:

Test access to your equipment and resources at home before the need arises, and contact the Help Desk if you have any questions. 

Transitioning to Working Remotely

In the event the campus will be closed and employees are directed to work remotely, plan to take your office desktop and necessary accessories, such as your monitor, with you.


If you’re unsure as to what you may need to work remotely, our IT support team is here to assist at our IT Chat portal.  Just select “Help bringing my computer home” from the drop-down menu next to the “Your Issue” field. Our IT teams are available for chat and remote sessions to answer any questions relating to disconnecting your office computer, cables and peripherals needed, and getting your computer connected at home.


If you are part of emergency essential staff and may need your office computer, but also need something at home, please  Complete this form..

Use the UTC VPN

If you need to access campus-only resources, like departmental shared drives, from home you will need to use the UTC VPN. We already created your account for you, but you will need to install the VPN client on your machine. See the relevant installation instructions below:

As always, if you need assistance installing the VPN client, please contact the IT Help Desk. If you’ve already installed the VPN client and are still unable to connect to a specific UTC service, you may require more than the basic VPN account. Please let us know what services you need to access so we can change your VPN account settings accordingly.

Use Zoom conferencing for virtual meetings

When you are away from the office, you may need to set up a conference call or an online meeting. Use Zoom for both as it can be used for teaching online and for virtual meetings from your computer or mobile device.

The Walker Center for Teaching and Learning is offering courses on using Zoom as well.  Check out their training calendar and register for future sessions.

Access your UTC email

You can check your email when you are away from campus with a web browser, with the Outlook client, or on your phone or mobile device. If you will be away from your email or checking it less frequently, don’t forget to update your Out of Office message.

If you are a faculty member and need a Google mail (gmail) account for collaboration with your students, please submit a request to the IT Help Desk.

Share files

Save your files online so you can get to them from anywhere.  IT recommends Office 365 for online file storage.  Do you need to work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations with your team?  Office 365 supports online collaboration.

If you need to send files securely, use the Vault: Secure File Transfer service provided through UTK.

Download software

Visit the Software for Employees page on the IT website to access or request university-provided software.

Use instant messaging and on-demand chat

If you are an O365 user and have colleagues or students you communicate with on a regular basis, have you tried the Teams chat feature? When you are logged into your email, you can also launch the Teams app and have virtual discussions.

Teams is available in the Microsoft Software Center for download at https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads. The Teams app is not part of the standard Office 365 Apps install.

Forward your office phone

You can choose to forward your office line to your home or cell phone.  If you choose not to forward your office line, make sure you check your voice mail on a regular basis.

Access other campus systems

  • Canvas - If you are a faculty member, please visit the academic continuity teaching resources available through the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Banner, Google, Engage, etc. - Visit MyMocsNet for quick access to University systems and resources that require authentication for security reasons.
  • IRIS - IRIS provides employees the ability to access Employee Self-Service and other administrative functions found within the IRIS system and other University system software solutions.
  • Access your desktop remotely using Citrix, an online service that can mimic your desktop computer.

Use IT chat and remote support

Want to ensure you’re equipped with all you need to work remotely? Quick question come to mind? Reach out to us by chat! UTC IT Technicians are available for chat and remote support Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm, at Chat with the Help Desk.


*Note – Due to increased demand for support, wait times may be longer than usual across all IT services. We appreciate your patience.

Learn new skills

With LinkedIn Learning available for UTC employees (Spring 2020), take some time to browse the over 13,000 courses and brush up on topics or gain new skills.

 Need other technology services?

  • Open an IT Help Desk ticket.

  • Contact the IT Help Desk at 423-425-4000.

  • Contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning at 423-425-4188.

  • Contact Canvas Support (through the Canvas Support Link in Canvas).