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Getting Started with IT

Welcome to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga! Being a new student can be quite overwhelming. Since we don’t want tech-related concerns to be on your mind, we’ve put together a quick and simple guide to get you started. 

Before Arriving on Campus

Step 1: Log in to your UTC account

Your UTC account is your key to a wide array of online services at UTC. Visit: UTC Password Management.

Step 2: Log in to and familiarize yourself with MyMocsNet

MyMocsNet is a UTC-specific web portal to essential services such as MocsMail+, UTC Learn, current events, housing, class schedules, financial aid, parking services, and much more. The link to MyMocsNet is located in the upper right hand corner of UTC’s home page.

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with your MocsMail+ account

Your MocsMail+ account is your official university e-mail account. You will receive important official mail from UTC at your address. You can always forward your MocsMail+ email to another account if you’d like. You can also set up your MocsMail+ account on your tablet and phone. You can access your MocsMail+ account via the MyMocsNet account link in the upper right hand corner of UTC’s home page.

Step 4: Sign up for UTC Alerts

UTC Alerts will be used on a very limited basis—only when there is an immediate threat on campus. Sign up for UTC Alerts here.

Once on Campus

Step 1: Connect to UTC’s network on your various devices

Connecting to UTC’s network is different depending on the type of device you are trying to connect.

Mobile Devices: Select the UTC network (simply named UTC) on your device's wireless networks list. Once connected, visit the registration portal in your preferred browser. Next, under mobile devices, click the respective link to register your device.

For all other devices and additional help, visit our do-it-yourself network registration guide for simple step-by-step instructions to get all your devices connected to the network and internet. 

Step 2: Browse and download discounted and free software

Visit our Student Software page for access to discounted and free software for students.

Step 3: Visit Client Services and review available resources

Client Services is a valuable resource to students at UTC offering software and hardware support for laptops, tablets, phones and much more. Stop by and visit us at room 105 in Pfeiffer Hall. 

If you’re all set and have everything up and running, take a look at our services page to review all the IT services that are available to you at UTC.