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Welcome to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga! The Information Technology staff are glad you have chosen to visit the University and our piece of the website. Below you will find resources that are available to you during your visit along with the instructions you need to access them.

Internet Access

The University provides both wireless and wired access to the internet for guests that have some sort of business here. This includes contractors, visiting faculty, conference attendees, etc. There are three methods for accessing the internet through the University's network - eduroam, a sponsored guest ID, or self-registering for an account for the day.


eduroam logo

Eduroam is a secure, world-wide WiFi service intended for education and research communities. Anyone that is part of a participating institution can connect to and use the eduroam wireless network at any other participating institutions anywhere in the world. If you are traveling you must sign up at our University before you leave to visit another campus. If you are visiting from another university that is a member of eduroam, you can connect to the internet through our eduroam wireless network. Eduroam is available in all university buildings, including the dorms.

For more information and instructions on connecting to eduroam, please visit: Knowledge Base - Eduroam

Sponsored Guest ID

A sponsored guest ID will grant access to both wired and wireless networks. To obtain a guest ID you must have a sponsoring department. This sponsor can either create the ID for you or they can have one created by contacting Client Services. Sponsored guest IDs can be created for 1-7 days in length and can be used for as many devices as needed.

Note: Client Services will only create guest IDs if the sponsor calls in to have it created.

Self-registered account

Self-registered accounts are good for the one device used to created the account. If there are more than device that needs internet access, a new account must be created on each device. Self-registered accounts are good for the rest of the day and expire at 3am the following morning.

To create a self-registered account, connect to the "UTC" wireless network or an ethernet jack on the wall. An attempt to browse the web will result in a redirection to the registration portal. On the portal there is a "Visiting Guests" link, after which the resulting page will show another link for "Sign up your own account".

Self-registered accounts require a name, email, phone number, and a reason for the visit. The phone number must be a real number. The account access code will be sent as a text message to the phone number.