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Faculty and Staff

The Client Services department provides support for UTC students, faculty, staff, visitors, and partners. Client Services offers tier 1 (email, phone, and remote) support for students, faculty, and staff, tier 2 (hardware, software, and virus) support for students, and in-office support for faculty and staff.

For more information about Client Services, please visit: Client Services
Your UTC ID is the unique identifier you will use to access UTC services such as: MyMocsNet, MocsMail+, and UTC Learn. Your UTC ID is automatically generated and composed of 3 letters followed by 3 numbers.

For instructions on how to manage your UTC account, please visit: Knowledge Base - UTC Account
For instructions on how to connect to the UTC network, please visit: Knowledge Base - UTC Network
All faculty and staff have an email address on our Microsoft Exchange server. The Microsoft Exchange server allows faculty and staff to have a calendar to use for collaboration. You can access your email and calendar from any web browser by logging into MocsNet and clicking on XMail. All smart phones and tables that have Active or Corporate Sync or Microsoft Exchange connector will be able to connect to our email servers and have access to email, contacts, tasks and calendars.

For more information about your campus email, please visit: Campus Email
For instructions on syncing your Exchange Mail to your mobile device or computer, please visit: Knowledge Base - Exchange
UTC Learn is home to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s distance learning opportunities. UTC Learn houses both synchronous and asynchronous programming utilizing a variety of technologies including Blackboard Learn, Adobe Connect, video conferencing, and Media Site.

For more information about UTC Learn, please visit: UTC Learn

UTC ALERT is a messaging system that allows UTC to communicate with members of the campus community quickly in the event of an emergency.

The University has created a well-defined set of situations that would prompt a UTC ALERT message. UTC ALERT only will be activated when there is a critical need to transmit urgent information to the campus community. Here are some examples:

  • Ongoing safety threats in which an armed or dangerous criminal is at large on campus.
  • Major facility emergencies or evacuations. This may include a large scale gas leak, fire, or hazardous material spill, occurring either on campus or near enough to campus to cause a credible threat to members of the campus community.
  • Severe weather. This may include a threat from a tornado requiring those on campus to take shelter or an immediate closing due to anticipated weather issues.

For more information about UTC Alerts, please visit: UTC Alerts

The Strategic Planning & Communication Office is responsible for developing and providing on-going training for Windows and Apple software utilized by UTC Faculty and Staff.  The goals of the IT Training Program are to:

  • Develop and implement training for various software products, as requested by faculty and staff
  • Provide hands-on training in computer labs 
  • Provide trainees access to online training materials  
  • Query faculty and staff for suggestions related to training methods and topics
For more information about IT Training, please visit: IT Training

All students, faculty and staff can take advantage of education pricing for personal computers.



  • Phone: (800) 274-7799 x88700

For more information about purchasing personal computers, please visit: Purchasing Personal Computers

To purchase University computers for use by faculty or staff, please visit:

For more information about purchasing University computers, please visit: Purchasing University Computers

All University-owned computers come preloaded with certain software. Departments can order other software if it is needed for business. Staff have the benefit of being able to receive discounts on software for personal use as an employee with the University. Visit our Software page for a complete list.

For more information regarding software for faculty and staff, please visit: Software for Faculty and Staff

Faculty, Staff, departments and Organizations can request an additional email account.

To request an additional email account, please visit: Email Request

All staff can have a phone and voice mail upon request.

For instructions regarding phones and voicemail, please visit: Knowledge Base - Phones

IT provides data storage for UTC staff and departments. Departments are given space to share data among other employees within the department. Staff have data storage assigned to them to use as back up of business documents to protect against data loss.