Technology in the Classroom

  1. Reserve the UC 124A Computer Lab
  2. Classrooms with Audiovisual Equipment
  3. High-Definition Video Carts

Reserve the UC124A Computer Lab

  • The classroom contains a total of 30 computers (29 stations plus 1 ADA station).
  • The classroom is booked on a first come first serve basis.
  • Lab workers will not proctor tests or oversee classes.
  • The classroom is limited to 1 student per computer. If necessary, the facilitator must contact the lab manager immediately to discuss accommodations for extra students.
  • Faculty or staff must submit any additional program/usage requests in writing to the lab manager at least 1 business week ahead of usage date.
  • Requests for special programs will be honored if possible, but no guarantees will be made.
  • Lab workers will assist the professor with technical questions as much as possible.
  • Lab users should clean up after themselves.
  • Reserving the classroom outside of normal computer lab hours will result in a charge to the department in order to staff the lab.

It is strongly recommended that instructors visit the lab prior to the day of the scheduled event to discuss any potential issues or questions regarding computer setup or usage.

Classrooms with Audiovisual Equipment

There are over 150 rooms (classrooms & meeting rooms) equipped with audiovisual equipment.

Contact Classroom Technologies for additional information.


Most of the AV classrooms will have:

  • Teaching podium
  • Ceiling mounted video projector
  • PC
  • Document camera
  • Wireless microphone (large rooms)

High-Definition Video Carts

UTC has several new videoconferencing carts that are available for use. These carts can be used for communicating with other sites on classroom topics, holding class meetings with peers from other countries or bringing in guest speakers who can’t physically be there, all in high-definition. The new carts consist of a 55" HD TV monitor, a videoconferencing codec, a camera, and a microphone. Users can also connect their laptop to the unit to share their screen during the video conference.

Currently, there are 5 videoconferencing unit available across campus in the following locations:


  • University Center - Contact Classroom Technologies to reserve.
  • Holt Hall - Contact Arts and Science Dean's office to reserve.
  • Metro - Contact Nursing Department to reserve.
  • Fletcher - Contact Distance Learning to reserve.
  • Hunter - Contact Walker Teacher Resource Center to reserve.