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How to recognize phishing emails

The UTC campus is often a target of phishing scam emails. The emails look like official emails but Information Technology (IT) is not sending them. It is important for you to recognize these emails.

IT will never ask you to send your password in an email. If you receive an email that asks you to send your password, you should delete it immediately.

Subject Lines

Here are some sample phishing email subject lines:

From Address

Check the From, Reply-To and Sender addresses. IT will always send official emails using

Here are some sample phishing From and Reply to addresses:

  • Internet service Manager


The message of a phishing email is trying to trick you into sending your personal information. If you send your ID and password, scammers can use your email account to send spam. Always be skeptical of official-looking emails, here are a few characteristics to look for in a phishing email.

“Verify your email address”

  • IT will never ask you to “verify your account” or “upgrade your account”
  • Be Skeptical of any emails that ask you to “verify your account”


  • Webmail Team
  • Edu Maintenance Team
  • Educational (.Edu) IT Service Help Desk Administrator.
  • Webmail Help Desk.

Get Help

If you receive an email and it makes you suspicious you should contact Client Services. They will help you determine if the email is legit or a phishing scam.

Here are the ways you can report a suspicious email:

  • Call Client Services at (423) 425-4000
  • Visit Client Services at Pfeiffer 105
  • Forward the email to or

Emails sent from Client Services will be from one of these addresses: