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What is Internet Phishing?

Phishing is a social engineering technique in which an "attacker" attempts to fool you into taking an action so they can steal your private information or infect your computer.  Phishing attacks typically begin with an email pretending to be from someone you know or trust, such as a friend or company.  Then, they entice you into providing your username and password after clicking on a link in an email.  

In most cases, opening an email is safe, but the follow-up actions is when the phishing works.  For most attacks, you have to do something after reading the opening an attachment or clicking on a link.  

Things to watch for!

  • Emails to confirm your user name and password
  • PayPal to confirm your credit card information
  • Financial institutions emailing to confirm your information
  • Emails to confirm your social security number
  • MySpace links
  • View this video about you
  • Join this Application and enter your password
  • Never click the links within the text of the email
  • Delete the email immediately, after deleting the e-mail then empty the trash box in your e-mail client as well.
  • You can report it to

What to do if you are Phished!

Is this email from IT? Learn how to recognize phishing emails.

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