Microsoft O365 Migration

Post Microsoft Migration Support

Thank you for your patience during the Microsoft Migration. We are continuing to offer post migration support.

If you haven't already, please visit one of the following for your post migration checklist.

Request assistance via https://utc.edu/365help. We will have support staff available throughout campus and offering remote support to assist with questions.

UTC Table
Target Dates Project Phase
February 15th - May 31st Planning phase
June 1st - September 31st Account cleanup/preparation
August 28th Turn on modern authentication
September 7th Begin creation of Groups, Teams, and email accounts in UT environment
October 1st M365 Groups and Teams created after this date will not be migrated
October 8th - October 10th The migration window starts at 5pm on October 8th and services are expected to be restored by 7am on October 11th.