What you do: I handle the budget for Information Technology and Banner. I assist the Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer. I serve on the Banner Core Team, Banner Extended Core Team, and Banner Planning Team. I do whatever needs to be done.

Work or life history: I began working at UTC in March 1981. I worked for UTC for 1 year in the Child Development Institute. I began working for UTK in 1982 for the UTK/UTC Graduate Center where I coordinated an off-campus doctoral program for the College of Education at UTK. I worked for UTK until September 2001. In September 2001 I began working for UTC in the Budget and Finance Office doing accounting for grants and contracts accounts and other restricted accounts. In January 2009 I was asked the Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer to transfer to the Banner Project to coordinate and oversee the budget. In July 2012 I was asked to transfer to Information Technology as the assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer to oversee budget and coordinate.

Biggest change: When I came to work at UTC the office were equipped with electric typewriters. Now you have to search the campus to find an electric typewriter!

10 Questions

Cats or Dogs: Oh what a dilemma! I am a rescue person.   At heart I am a cat woman. I have been known to run through the woods, play in traffic, and crawl on my belly to give aid to a critter. I cannot turn away a hungry or injured animal. We have 2 rescue dogs and 4 rescue cats. Our “pets” are our 2 inside cats whose mom was a stray. The inside cats rule the house and no other critters are allowed, Tippy Girl is very firm about that.

I would run a rescue ranch if it were financially possible.

What is the farthest place you have traveled to? LOL, the farthest I have ever travelled is Wisconsin. I am a southern girl.

What do you do when you are not working in the dungeon? When I am not working in the dungeon, I am most likely feeding the squirrels.

If you were a detective, who would your sidekick be? If I were a detective my sidekick would be Dr. Watson.

What super power would you choose? The ability to bend others minds to my will!

Soda of choice: Coca Cola Classic

What is your zodiac sign – do you care about zodiac signs? My sign is Virgo, I think it is interesting but not something I would bet the farm on.

What are your criteria for naming pets? LOL, with 10 grandchildren this can get really interesting.

A misconception from childhood only corrected as an adult? That all meatloaf was bad.

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? What is vacation? I love mountains and fishing.