Add a MocsPrint Printer to Your Personal Windows Computer

Special Note

Check your computer’s computer name or hostname before printing to a MocsPrint printer. The MocsPrint PayStations use each computer’s name/hostname to differentiate print jobs from one another, so make sure that your computer name is unique and easy to identify.


Windows Computers

  1. Connect to the ‘UTC’ network
  2. Press ‘Windows Key’ + ‘R’ on the keyboard
  3. Under the ‘Run’ field, enter ‘\\\PRINTER_QUEUE’
    • Refer to the table below for the appropriate PRINTER_QUEUE.
    • Enter the PRINTER_QUEUE name exactly as it is shown in the table.
  4. Press the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard
  5. If prompted to ‘Install driver’, select ‘Continue’
  6. The printer should now be available on your computer for printing

Printer Queue

Location Printer Printer Queue

Davenport 228

Physical Therapy


Fine Arts Center 307 Music Department fac307
Fine Arts Center 402 1 Art Department 1 FAC412-bw 1
Fletcher 111 College of Business FLT111
Frist 202 Communications Department FST202
Frist 202 Communications Department Color Printer FST202-color
Grote 316 Chemistry Department GRT316
Guerry Center 202 University Honors Lab UHONLab
Holt 101 English Classroom HLT101
Holt 205 English Classroom HLT205
Holt 302 Psychology Department hlt302
Holt 349b Psychology Department hlt349b
Holt 399 English Classroom HLT399
Hunter 407 Classroom Interior Design Classroom B&W HTR407-Class-BW
Hunter 407 Classroom Interior Design Classroom Color HTR407-Class-Color
Hunter 407 Printspace Interior Design Printspace B&W HTR407-Printspace-BW
Hunter 407 Printspace Interior Design Printspace Color HTR407-Printspace-Color
Hunter 407 Printspace Interior Design DesignJet 500 Plotter Hunter407-DJ500
Hunter 407 Printspace Interior Design T1300 Plotter Hunter407-T1300
Metro 228 School of Nursing met228
Metro 229 School of Nursing met229
Pfeiffer 306 Political Science pfeiffer306
UC Foundation 5000 Building UC Foundation Apartments Lab UCFoundationLab
UTC Library Ground Floor Library-ground-1
UTC Library 1st Floor (24/5 Area) Library24-5
UTC Library Library 1st Floor Library1st-1
UTC Library Library 2nd Floor Library2nd-1
UTC Library Library 3rd Floor Library3rd-1
UTC Library Library 3rd Floor Color Library3rd-color
Walker 4000 Building Walker Apartments Lab Walker4000Lab