Sign Up for Guest Network Access

Special Note

Guest access expires at 3am every day.


  1. Connect to the 'UTC' network (wired or wireless)
  2. Open your preferred web browser to:
  3. Select ‘Click Here' under 'Visiting Guests'
  4. Select 'Click Here' under 'Sign up for your own account'
  5. Select 'I Agree'
  6. Under the 'First Name' field, enter your first name (ex. Jane)
  7. Under the 'Last Name' field, enter your last name (ex. Smith)
  8. Under the 'Email address' field, enter your email address (ex.
  9. Under the 'Phone number' field, enter your phone number (ex. 423-425-4000)
  10. Under the 'Reason' field, enter a brief explanation for why you need internet access (ex. Browsing Wikipedia)