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Configure the iOS Outlook app for MocsMail+


  1. Open the Outlook iOS app
  2. Select 'Add an Account'
    • If you have already set up an account in the Outlook app:
      • Select the ‘Settings’ tab
      • Select ‘Add Account’
  3. Select 'Google'
  4. Under the 'Email' field, enter your UTC MocsMail+ address
    • Example:
  5. Select 'Sign in'
    • You will be redirected to the CAS login page
  6. Under the 'UTC ID' field, enter your UTC ID
  7. Under the 'Password' field, enter your UTC password
  8. Select 'Login'
  9. Select 'Allow' to allow the Outlook app to have access to your data

Get Help

  1. Contact the Solutions Center by calling (423) 425-4000.
    • Say you are having trouble configuring the Outlook iOS app for MocsMail+.
    • To speed up the process, mention what troubleshooting steps you have already taken.


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