Configure the iOS Outlook app for Exchange (On Campus)


  1. Open the Outlook app
  2. Select ‘Add an Account’
    • If you have already set up an account:
      • Select the ‘Settings’ tab
      • Select ‘Add Account’
  3. Select the ‘Exchange’ option
  4. Select ‘Show Advanced Options’
  5. Under the ‘Email Address’ field, enter your UTC email address
    • Example:
  6. Under the ‘Password’ field, enter your UTC password
  7. Under the ‘Description’ field, enter ‘UTC Exchange’
  8. Under the ‘Server’ field, enter ‘’
  9. Under the ‘Domain’ field, enter ‘UTC’
    • If the app is failing to add the account, try replacing ‘UTC’ with ‘’
  10. Under the ‘Username’ field, enter your UTC ID
    • Example: abc123
  11. Select ‘Go’ to submit the account information

Get Help

  1. Contact the Solutions Center by calling (423) 425-4000.
    • Say you are having trouble configuring the Outlook iOS app for Exchange while off campus.
    • To speed up the process, mention what troubleshooting steps you have already taken.


Configuration for Exchange on iOS Outlook